What Is Hertz Rental Agreement Number

Please allow up to 7 days from the return date of the vehicle for a copy of the rental letter to be available. Copies of rental receipts are available for up to six months from the date the vehicle is handed over. Vehicles are kept one hour after the specified arrival time. In the case of arrivals at the airport where you have a flight number, the car is kept for one hour after landing and evacuation of the flight. 6. VEHICLE USE 6.1. During the rental period, the vehicle can only be driven by the driver and/or the additional driver, as shown on the rental form. 6.2. During the rental period, the vehicle cannot be used: 6.2.1. for transporting passengers and/or goods for payment; 6.2.2. driving or towing other vehicles (including caravans or trailers), unless authorized in writing by the owner; 6.2.3.

driving recklessly or in dangerous driving; 6.2.4. for any purpose for which the vehicle was not intended; 6.2.5. for illegal purposes of any kind, in order to transport goods in violation of customs or other illegal means; 6.2.6. for any high-risk motorsport or similar activity; 6.2.7. beyond the borders of the Republic of South Africa (South Africa), unless the owner has authorized it in writing; or 6.2.8. in any area where there is a risk of unrest, political unrest or unrest, or may be related to you. 6.3. If the tenant uses the vehicle in violation of his obligations under Term 6, the Tenant acknowledges that, if he has acquired one of the waiver declarations relating to that vehicle, these waiver declarations cannot apply to the losses, thefts or damage suffered by the vehicle. 6.4. For the duration of the rental period: 6.4.1. The tenant must make reasonable arrangements to ensure the safety of the vehicle, including locking, securing and immobiling the vehicle in the event of non-use; Activate the anti-intrusion alarm and the vehicle tracking or monitoring system (if any); Ensure that all anti-theft devices in the vehicle are properly secured and on-site; 6.4.2.

to ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition and safe, including regular control of oil, water and tyre pressure, immediate cessation of vehicle use (and contact with the owner), when the vehicle`s electronic diagnosis indicates a vehicle failure or problem and performs appropriate pre- and post-vehicle inspections. 6.5. The tenant will ensure that the keys to the vehicle are still under the control of the tenant. Vehicle groups E1, EX, H, F, R, R1, M are rented according to the usual luxury vehicles in the area, so the tenant must present two credit cards for all leisure rentals, both on behalf of the tenant. One credit card is used to pay rent and related fees, while the other credit card is used for security purposes.

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