Va Master Agreements

Similar divergences exist within the social security administration. The two sides agreed in April on ground rules for future negotiations, after months of differences of opinion. The Federal Service Impasses Panel during this process, after VA initially said both sides had reached a breakestill. The new treaty could continue for a year, until one of the parties opens it again, although the new VA proposals change these procedures. The department proposed that a new contract remain in effect for 10 years, instead of three years under the existing treaty, after it comes into force. The existing VA-AFGE agreement did not mention that employees had to work in the office for at least four days. «Our hope is that we will be able to talk intelligently about these proposals and that both sides will act in good faith,» he said. «We`re a bit pessimistic, based on our results and based on what we see in these proposals.» A provision that codified, for example, a worker`s rights under the Whistleblower Protection Act and defined VA`s role in the annual training and notification of these rights to employees, has been removed. «It is time to restart VA`s approach to labour relations and management,» Minister Robert Wilkie said in a statement last week.

«A reluctance to challenge the status quo has led to the current agreement, which contains many benefits that favour the union and not the veterans we are supposed to serve.» The proposals would also eliminate 28 articles of AFGE`s existing collective agreement with VA, meaning the union cannot bargain on a host of issues. Articles on telecommuting, moves, temporary redistributions, promotions, and other topics have been largely removed and optimized. «There wouldn`t be enough people to do the job,» he said. «There would be a lot of employment measures where people wouldn`t be able to get representation and a lot of contract violations that we wouldn`t be able to employ them for. In addition, VA employees could no longer take advantage of the union`s complaints procedure to challenge disciplinary measures for the performance, according to the department`s proposals. All complaints must be filed at the national level, not by the local union representative or by a worker`s management. The Impass body recently reviewed a series of disputes between the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Treasury Employees Union. The panel largely rewrote more than a dozen collective bargaining proposals. VA`s 331-page negotiating proposals are the first steps in likely lengthy and controversial negotiations between the department and the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents more than 220,000 employees in the department. The Agency implemented these proposals last week, the NTEU said. The union filed its fifth complaint in this particular dispute.

But the two sides have agreed on 18 weeks of negotiations scheduled for the end of the year, Cann said. Negotiations will begin on 27 May. Some of these challenges have already been experienced by AFGE. The department already cut in November the official time of about 104,000 Title 38 employees, many of whom are doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistants and others. Many of these proposals have become familiar to some authorities over the past year and some essentially reflect some of the provisions contained in the President`s 2018 implementing regulations, which a federal district court struck down last August. The Trump administration is currently appealing this decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs has introduced a series of new collective bargaining proposals that can have a significant impact on telecommuting, leave, and employee performance – as well as the department`s day-to-day interactions with its union. . . .

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