The Book Of Agreements

«We all want an agreement. Here`s how to get it, and keep it and work it. – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, The New York Times #1 best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul® «Buy this book. I know of wealth creation systems. The systems in The Book of Agreement will help you create the kind of agreements that will generate much more financial and emotional wealth in your life. » – Robert Allen, author of four New York Times bestsellers, Crating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income and the phenomenal Nothing Down. The agreement book contains all the templates you`ll ever need to protect dubious relationships and maintain strong relationships. There`s iron in the handshake. — Alan Weiss, Ph.D., author, The Ultimate Consutlant» The day after reading Stewart Levine`s The Accord, I was able to test his principles and recipes. They worked for me, and I know they will work for you! Levine`s approach is so simple and solid that you can`t miss it. It was like a blow to the head when I read Levine`s profound and reasonable idea that we would all benefit from accepting the idea of creating results agreements rather than negotiating protection agreements. To translate this concept into all our relationships, this book talks about this, and the pages are full of very explicit advice on how to do it. My prognosis is that you will consult the book of the agreement before participating in new negotiations, and you will be very happy to have done so. Indeed, I bet you have one tomorrow, so what are you waiting for? Buy this book now! » – James M. Kouzes, co-author, The Leadership Challenge and Encouraging the Heart; President, Tom Peters Company «Every year, in law schools across the country, every new generation of future lawyers learns to reproduce the mistrust that is the great tragedy of our individualistic and isolating society, learning that the purpose of legal agreements or contracts is to protect you from the other, the foreign-hand man you want to exploit for his own self-interest.

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