Medtronic Corporate Integrity Agreement

Owning a restaurant for corporate events opens up new areas of compliance enforcement. Who would have thought to check the restaurant ownership documents for the event you are holding. The U.S. Department of Justice, which actively joined the complaint, said Medtronic`s fraudulent bribery programs put profits above the critical needs of heart patients and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in false claims about Medicare and Medicaid. In announcing the agreement, the Department of Justice stated that Medtronic`s kickback systems also undermined the integrity of medical decisions and created an unfair disadvantage compared to competitors who complied with the rules. «CMS`s open payment program aims to promote transparency and accountability in the health care system. Manufacturers who misrepresent their financial relationships with health care providers undermine the integrity of the open payment program and are held accountable,» said Brenna E. Jenny, HHS Deputy General Counsel and CMS Chief Legal Officer. «CMS looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Department of Justice to clarify allegations that manufacturers are circumventing their open payments obligations.» The complaints submitted that, between 1998 and 2003, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, United States, Inc., Medtronic`s spinal products branch, paid physicians to attend meetings and events in generous locations, provided free or reduced services to physicians, and paid physicians through fictitious counseling and licensing agreements. A supplement to one of the Relateur`s complaints states that Medtronic paid more than half a million dollars to a single doctor over a four-month period.

Medtronic strongly believes in the integrity of its business practices and is proud of the compliance programs we have today. Medtronic`s Code of Conduct («The Compass») requires all of our employees and those acting on our behalf to behave ethically and requires employees to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those that govern the advertising of our products. As our code of conduct states, ethical behaviour and compliance with the law are an important part of preserving Medtronic`s reputation: «We all benefit from the company`s reputation for managing ethical and honest business. It is a valuable corporate heritage that is earned by the behaviour of employees in the past and in the present. We all have a responsibility to preserve and improve this legacy through our daily interactions. 1 The Medtronic kyphone follows comprehensive regulations involving manufacturers of hip and knee implants for similar anti-kickback claims.

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