Apple Extended Service Agreement

Details of training and services provided by Apple at the request of its customers. As long as we violate accounting rules, we compare Apple`s product warranty provisions with the delimited sales revenue of the extended warranty. In Figure 6, blue is the extended warranty and green is the product warranty. The diagram shows the relative proportions of each, both always adding up to 100%. Are we here with the iPhone? Although there are still a few Flip-Phone holdouts and others have no cell phones at all, smartphone sales are showing signs of indicative fixation. That`s one of the main reasons Apple stock has had such a tough week: investors fear the lack of growth. But as we will see in the following nine diagrams, the lack of growth for several years in Apple`s product warranty and extended warranty measures are obvious. A service charge may be incurred if a device is damaged due to improper handling (e.g.B. drops and contact with liquid) and is not caused by a manufacturer`s error. An event in which damage is caused by mishandling is considered accidental damage (AppleCare+) or an unexpected event (SimplyGuard). The service charges listed below are not applicable to any malfunction due to manufacturer error. The amount of demarcated revenue, estimated on the basis of extended sales guarantees, has remained close to or close to this level in five of the last seven financial years. In fiscal 2015, AppleCare`s delimited revenue increased to nearly $7.25 billion.

And in fiscal 2014, it exceeded $6 billion. But over the other five fiscal years, we estimated it remained in a narrow range of $5.25 billion to $5.9 billion. We know that everyone has other needs and can demand different things from their extended warranty, which is why Simply Computing offers two extended warranty programs. We didn`t cover them in any situation! Up to this point in history, all of Apple`s guarantee ratios have been taken directly from the company`s annual accounts. However, to make some estimates of the size of the expanded AppleCare warranty program, we need to add a few guesses to the mix. If the estimated expiration date of your telephone technical support, limited warranty, or AppleCare contract is incorrect for your serial number, please contact us. You must send the original purchase receipt for your product to Apple so that we can update your purchase date. . . .

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