Agreement Price Changeable

HalloU can try thisSPRO – > materials management – > purchasing – >-> document-level screen definition Select ME32 and go to the details… double-click on quantity and price,,,,,in the default system The price is maintained here as optional, but maybe it will be kept in your case as a display. You can change the same here as an option and will work. CheersVineetvineetbaweja at gmail – Original message – From: aurorea via sap-log-mm To: vinit Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 7:10:00 PMSubject: [sap-log-mm] Change the contract price Hello everyone, When a contract is created (ME31K), the net price field is automatically immutable. To change the price, I have to go to the menu item/conditions. Is it possible to modify the customizing by making the price modifiable instead of going to the menu condition(s)? Thank you for your help If companies are able to easily change the price for you, you may think they will need to re-authorize all deductions from your account. The ePayments code defines an unauthorized transaction as «a payment that is not authorized by a user.» So, if you haven`t expressly authorized a payment, is it treated as an unauthorized payment? It seems unlikely. Now the request has come from the department to set the price in service public relations for the services selected in the contract. In other words, if services are selected in the contract, the unit rate should not be modifiable. If the services are entered manually, the price must be modifiable. .

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