Toledo Ohio Purchase Agreement

Once you are in the contract, we will credit 25% of each monthly payment for the purchase of your home (payments must be one-time). We will do it for a maximum of five years. This allows you to earn equity on your home with any payment. After five years, we will convert the bill into a property contract that will give you the ability to deduct interest and property taxes on your income tax return. Why rent if we are willing to sell you a house for the same fee? Small down payments with our rental/purchase plan only $3,000! Look at the AVAILABLE houses in our inventory. We usually have one or two a month. Houses marked under contract are occupied and not available. If you have a minimum of $3,000 and a source of income that gives us confidence, you can make your monthly payments – you left to own your own home. You might feel good if you pay your monthly rent instead of feeling that you have thrown your money into the flow.

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