Small Highway Works Agreement

An application for agreement under Section 278 can only be processed after the building permit has been granted for full or reserved matters. A pre-candidate is possible for the payment of our fees. Additional permits or permits may also be required for construction work on the highway, such as temporary traffic management. B, private drainage facilities or a ski or scaffolding/storage permit. A Section 278 agreement allows third-party work on the public highway on approved design and construction standards to mitigate the effects of development. A road safety audit must be conducted by the applicant and submitted to us as part of the design review. Before the work is adopted, we will conduct a road safety audit 3. We need an agreement under Section 278 for the improvement of motorways for which the minor building permit or unilateral agreement is not appropriate. The start of work on site is only allowed after approval of the project, the agreement provided for in point 278 and guarantees, road spaces have been reserved with our road team and a pre-meeting has been visited on site by all parties involved. The work must be designed and built in accordance with our Highway Construction and Guidance Specifications standards. These are intended for minor work such as trail improvements, a new mouth-to-mouth access, etc. All work in Section 278 in Lincolnshire must be designed and constructed as follows: To begin the process, the developer must apply online and submit all information on the contract checklist list contained in Schedule B of the construction standards and road specifications. The developer is responsible for all costs that we and our service provider incur in preparing and managing the agreement, inspecting the work and monitoring the disposal.

These costs include (but are not limited): guidance on agreements with the Secretary of State for Transportation under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 can be found here. Once the roads are completed at the required level and the mandatory maintenance time is successfully completed, we will introduce them as a public highway. However, road construction work on roads controlled by the local road authority generally follows the following guidelines, and Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 applies when: an acceptance plan is established on the basis of drawings attached to legal agreements. These drawings show the new highway country, which is usually the pavement and surrounding edges or footpaths.

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