Lbn Foundation Agreement

No, every contract is unique to this first nation. LBN`s contract meets LBN`s needs. In addition, LBN negotiators can learn from all the problems faced by groups that have already signed a contract. We are talking to groups like the Nisga`a and research agreements in other parts of Canada to make sure that we learn from what others have done, who has worked well or that has caused them long-term problems. In the LBN contract, it is what LBN needs and wants, not what other groups have done. At a signing ceremony today by teleconference, Carolyn Bennett, Canada`s Minister of Aboriginal Relations for the Crown, described the agreement with the Babine Lake Nation as a «model for the country.» The way the contract office obtains its funding for negotiations is in part a government contribution that LBN does not have to repay, but most of the money is a loan. The way the system is put in place, the government expects lbN to start repaying the loan once it has finished negotiating a contract. However, all THE BC negotiators are meeting around the common table to negotiate some things that are important to everyone. One of the things they are trying to negotiate is that all these loans are being made, that they are disappearing. There is no result yet.

If these negotiations fail, there are parts of the contract that must help increase the amount of money LBN receives. These include sections on the allocation of resource revenues within the LBN territory and where central countries under LBN control exclusively LBN receive all funds from countries that have so far gone to the BC government. Most contracts also have a cash tally under the agreement. All of this will help pay off the debts if the debt is not incurred. A treaty is a long-term agreement between a First Nation and the Canadian government and BC. It aims to explain how these groups are related to each other. Each treaty defines the rights and obligations of the government and the First Nation. Treaties under negotiation are called modern treaties. Contracts negotiated before 1923 are called historical treaties.

«We are signing this agreement today without sacrificing our rights, title and future interests and the rest of our territory.

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